Why Better
A Fresh Approach To Authenticity

Real sushi is about fresh and since we’re about real sushi taken to an unreal level, we use only top quality, market-fresh fish, each hand selected by our classically trained chefs.

Who Better?
Unreal Sushi Starts With Real Sushi Chefs

Our culinary team was trained to create sushi in the “classical tradition”. They apprenticed under some of the top sushi chefs on the planet—and you’ll understand why we’re both proud of–and impressed by, their talents the moment you taste their creations.

Your Way’s Better
From dining to delivery…we’ll wow!

At Day 5 we want your experience to be every bit as enjoyable as your order, that means your order…your way–from full service dining, to ultra-fast, ultra reliable delivery & takeout to even “call-it-in-and-we’ll-bring-it-outcurbside pickup–we’ll stop at nothing to make sure you’re getting the best of everything…when, where and how you want it.