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Real sushi lovers, your Day has come!

Kosher L’mehadrin, under the supervision of Kehila Kashrus

The only time we ever get asked “What made us feel Brooklyn needed another kosher sushi restaurant?” is before people taste our sushi. Once they experience sushi “Day 5” style, they realize we’re anything but another kosher sushi & fish restaurant.

So what sets us apart? In a word everything.

For starters sushi & seafood isn’t part of what we do it’s all we do. So if you’re coming here expecting to also find deli, dairy, steaks or sandwiches, sorry. On the other hand if you’re ready for a “bistro-boutique” inspired experience and menu selection that will help you understand why the Japanese treat sushi chefs like artists and sushi as a culture more than just a cuisine, we’re looking forward to welcoming you.

So Why The Name?

We’ll be honest, it wasn’t our first choice, but the more we shared our vision with friends and sushi fans, the more we kept hearing comments, like “sounds like you’re creating something really special” and “wow, authenticity, experience, it’s the beginning of a whole new kind of sushi restaurant”

So we had words like “creating”, “beginning” & “new” along with a vision that centered on “freshness” and “creativity” …how do you capture that vision in a name? Welcome to Day 5—for those of you who still don’t know, day 5 is the day fish were created…and now the place where an authentically superior sushi (and fish) dining experience is faithfully recreated for every customer.

Because we’re passionate about our product, we pride ourselves on offering the freshest fish in ‘creation”. All the fish we buy is sushi-grade and doesn’t enter our kitchen until its inspected by our obsessively diligent chefs. Does every piece “make the cut”? Hardly. Does it mean, we may sometimes (though rarely) “run out” of your favorite item? Possibly. But since it also means everything we offer is “as fresh as it gets”, that’s what the Day 5 experience is all about.

What About My Aunt Who Loves Fish…But Is “Scared” Of Sushi?

Relax, we understand nobody’s perfect J, that’s why we worked with our Day 5 chefs to work up a range of menu items that will be loved by fish lovers, salad lovers, foodies (and those who love them)…in short there’s something for everyone…and we mean everyone.

Case in point our delicately delightful Chilean sea bass-stuffed spring rolls, our “worth the trip from anywhere” tuna pizza, fish sliders, a solid selection of salads (with fish and without) and more. In the mood for a light but filling lunch or early dinner? Check out our soups, wraps and re-imagined entrees like black cod, tuna steaks, classic fish and chips, the most appetizing array of appetizers anywhere, and more.

And while you’re there, treat yourself to our artisanal coffees and cappuccinos, – you’ll find they’re the perfect pairing for our dessert selections…each and every sinful one created by our in-house pastry chef.

What else can we say? Lots! Though it’s not really possibly to capture and convey signature touches like our relaxed bistro ambiance and friendly yet never forceful waitstaff in writing.

So if you’re ready to “reboot” your sushi and fish dining expectation (and to say good bye to whoever’s been fulfilling them ‘til now), stop by and enjoy what we’ve created at Day 5…no matter if its an intimate dinner for two, a group or an off-site event (we offer free delivery, catering, curbside pickup…and some of the coolest takeout bags in the tri-state area), we’re pretty sure we’ll make your day!

Visit us at 1724 Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn. 718-513-6662

Looking forward to meeting you!

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